Access and Transportation

Projects that explore issues related to navigation/ transportation/ search and rescue. These projects addresses the usage of various design elements that allow for easy access and transport to places for the people who live and move in and out of India.


Art Craft and Culture

These projects use the medium of arts and craft and express various narratives be it related to nature, society or the absolute mundane to weave a rich tapestry involving storytelling and exploration of various mediums.


Health and Well Being

How design plays a vital role in looking and re-looking at avenues of life-care when most needed and also how design can be utilized for interpreting an individual’s life based on the activities performed.


Communication and Learning

Highlight the use of design and how it influences the things we see, read, learn, write and understand and the influence design has on the various mediums of communication.


Society and Analysis

Projects here deal with how information can be oriented and channelized so as to help citizens make decisions, learn better with fewer resources or even visualize and understand weather pattern change.


Working and Living India

These projects use design in spaces and instances where working and living becomes intolerable or cumbersome. These projects are attempts to document, bring to notice and improve conditions in situations that are often unnoticed or taken for granted.