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Project by

Prof. V.P. Bapat
Prof. P.Kumaresan
Sponsored by
TATA Center

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Application of Steel in Housing Construction – Wall System

The housing need in India is increasing at an alarming rate requiring a large number of houses in a very short period of time, which demands a rapid and prefabricated technology. India is among the largest producers of the steel in the world though it has the potential the steel-intensive construction is very less due to lack of awareness about the advantages of steel.

The Project deals with the construction of Housing wall panel using corrugated sheets of steel joined in a criss-cross manner.

It offers many advantages such as –

– 80% time saving as compared to normal brick wall

– Fast construction method which requires less labour

– Possibility to construct different sizes of wall as per the requirement

– No water usage during the construction

– 1/3 weight reduction as compared to normal brick wall

– Criss-crossing creates spaces/cavities between the corrugation good for electrical and plumbing fittings

– Sheets will not break into pieces, this property will be helpful in saving life during disaster and natural calamities

Detailing of door and window frame fittings
Wall joining details
Exploded view
1:5 scale mock model