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Prof. Girish Dalvi
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This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Atomatic – An Inclusive Game to Learn Concepts of Atoms and Elements

Math and science education is a challenge for visually impaired children because of visual aspects involved such as shapes, diagrams, colours, etc. Concepts are often omitted or introduced with less detail. Atomatic is an attempt to introduce basics of the atom in an interactive and fun manner. It consists of the atomic model and pins representing protons, neutrons and electrons. Students construct elements by various combinations of these constituents. The board guides them through sounds and voice and helps them discover different elements and concepts. The board provides information in interesting way such as rhymes to enable better retention. Atomatic is designed to teach blind, partially blind and also sighted children.

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Atomatic - the board model and pins representing protons, neutrons and electron

  • Manoj Sharma

    Excellent concept. Please share more details of the project in your movie. Can’t wait to learn more on how it works.

    • Sylvan Lobo

      Thank you! Looking forward to see you at the event.