Design and Degree Show 2015

The Design and Degree Show represents IDC collectively, as well as each passionate individual soul that is a part of it. Design and Degree Show 2015 is a five day event from 13th to 17th June at VMCC, IIT Bombay comprising of Seminar, Discussions and Exhibition.


We, the graduating batch of IDC have spent two years of our Master’s programme engaged in thoughtful design projects, diverse in nature, but with one common goal of simplifying and enriching lives. Now is the time that we proudly showcase the projects to you, in one grand exhibition. The projects are divided into clusters, from Healthcare to Agriculture, Education to Rural Development, each aiming for betterment in their respective domains.
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Seminar – Design Education

Attempting to take a closer look at the diverse interpretations and roles of design in the 21st century – from interventions that safeguard livelihoods of artisans such as farming and weaving, to innovations that sustainably address urban issues; from empowering the differently-abled to creating a skilled-human-resource workforce for a global future – a seminar shall be hosted that seeks to understand the challenges in design education.
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Seminar – Design: Now and Next

Design is like a framework, that allows the fitting of various lenses. It allows us to see through: problems, social norms, money, everything until we finally see the people. It allows for the revelation of opportunities within enormous constraints, opportunities that otherwise would barely even exist.

Design: Now and Next consists of a series of discourses where invited experts and practitioners in the respective cluster-fields talk about their work and their take on projects done by the IDC batch of 2015.
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Industrial Design Centre

The Industrial Design Centre (IDC) is one of the oldest and most distinguished design schools in India, located within the Indian Institute of technology, Mumbai, India (IIT Bombay)

Since 1969, IDC offers an excellent environment for academics, research projects in the field of design. The education programme at IDC is an unique mix of pedagogic experimentation with a pragmatic design approach. It blends hard core problem-solving with design research. New thoughts, philosophies and research into several aspects of design are experimented with to continuously revitalise the academic programmes at IDC.

IDC graduates have contributed to every major field of design, all across the world. Alumni from IDC have been key players in eminent companies and research labs including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Lego, Volvo, Samsung, Zynga and MIT Media Labs.

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