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This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Graphipedia- The Dictionary of Graphic Design

The world is experiencing a mass evolution in science, technology, design and culture today. They are prime examples of cumulative cultural evolution, with each generation preserving and building upon the achievements of prior generations. The benefit of an evolutionary approach to these changes is- population thinking, where broad trends and patterns are explained in terms of concepts. Design and technology constitute separate yet interacting evolutionary processes.Today there is a varied culture in design. With multiplying technology, new words are given birth to. They are registered and passed on to designers as a gradual process. But it is a lengthy affair and is impossible to know all the words in the field of Graphic Design. We fail to be acquainted to the simplest of words in the design world. Sometimes it is ignorance but a lot of times it is not being familiarised with the word itself. Hence we need to be informed. A personal experience during the Summer Internship led me to the thought of making a Dictionary of Graphic Design.

Mockup Screens of the Application

  • Charan M

    hello, how can I get access to this book/app?