Access and Transportation

Project by

Pratap KS
Prof Dr -Ing Ralph Bruder, TU Darmstadt
Sponsored by
TU Darmstadt, Germany

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Design of Vehicle Instrument Cluster for Indian and German Audiences

Cultural differences play an important role in the design and development of new products. Many examples of product failures have proven that the culture of a country has huge influence on the success of new product.
The Project has the goal to examine these cultural differences between India and Germany regarding the design of a dashboard of a B+-segment car and create two instrument clusters, which are based on these results – one for the Indian and one for the German market. User interviews are conducted with the help of ‘Contextual Enquiry’ to understand the user behavior, driving habits, social aspects related to driving, needs and prob­lems they face while driving. The dashboard for both the market was designed based on user needs and aesthetic factor. While designing the dashboard the behavioral and cultural aspects were given as priority.