Access and Transportation

Project by

Prof. K Munshi

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Folding Electric Bike


Rising population is emerging into a space problem in Indian metropolitan cities. What is more alarming is impossibility of rapid city expansion, to accommodate all. And it is adversely affecting the population density. In this project, Mumbai was selected to carry out researches, considering a challenge to facilitate huge population density with micro personalized mobility solution.

 The project started with a design brief considering factors of fuel crisis and population outburst in the current generation. This topic was selected as it could provide ample opportunities to develop a vision of a green fuel personal mobility solution.

Project scope

Locally manufacture-able electric bike which would be easy to carry in public transports.

Usage type: Unisex

User age-group: 16 –35 years

Design Brief

To design a single person, unisex electric bike for day-to-day commuting purpose for people in Mumbai.


The bike should be fold-able in order to generate the scope of “carry along vehicle” via various public transport services and to be usable at destination point.


  • Aesthetics to fit between a scooter and bicycle (contributed from user survey)
  • Utility space or provisions (Improve practicality)


  • Max. volume (30*100*45)cm = (85 -100 * 25 * 45) cm
  • Motor: 250 watt hub (185 mm diaand 90 mm width)
  • Battery: 12 V Li-ion * 2, 15 Ah (304 *152*88)mm
  • 24 V controller (105 * 70 * 35)mm
  • Range: 25 -30 Kms
  • Max load: 80 Kgs
  • Min Wheel rim size: 12”
  • Gross weight of vehicle: 14 Kg


The final design is a homogeneous composition of a scooter and a bicycle considering the major attributes of cost, manufacture-ability, portability, practicality and style. The volume post folding is (100 * 100 * 30)cm and gross weight is 14 Kgs (estimated) which will allow it to be carried in personal cars, taxis, metros and trains.


  • vishalkumarwaghela

    Very nice concept l…sleek design….
    What is the idea behind using front wheel with hub motor??

    • Tonmoy Phukan

      Thanks!, the idea is to balance a light weight bike between human body weight and the front fork axis.

      • Sankalp S Pathak

        Sir, Great Idea… Loved the way in which the Suspensions are …..
        but Sir as the weight of the vehicle is on front side,does it makes handle hard to turn.

  • Manoj Sharma

    Very nice concept and execution.

    • Tonmoy Phukan