Access and Transportation

Project by

Prof. K. Ramachandran

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Design of a CNG Motorcycle

This Project entitled “Design of a CNG motorcycle” was done to provide an alternate fuel option for a motorcycle, Which is clean, Cheaper and environment friendly than other fuels. The initial approach for this project was to provide a CNG Powered motorcycle for daily commuters, so that they can travel as well as perform their daily activities comfortably and  with minimum fuel rate per Kilometer.

In this project I have tried to provide a motorcycle for the daily commuters which can run on CNG, as well as it must have sufficient amount of power and should be comfortable to ride everyday.

The Design Process

The project started with an analysis of need for this type of motorcycle, and it was found that people are interested to buy such type of motorcycle. After that  an internet research had done to understand the 2 wheelers segment in India, types of motorcycles and their anatomy.

A field research had done to understand the installation of CNG kits, their parts and how it can be fit in a motorcycle, and based on the needs of the people total 14 packaging concepts were generated and after discussion with the industry professionals, one concept was finalized and taken forward to start the body work.

In the Design Concept generation phase, several keywords were generated and narrowed down, and in the end one keyword was chosen to start the ideation. After that 4 different concepts were made and discussed with the users to narrowed down the conceptualization phase. In the end most appropriate concept was chosen and prototyped.