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Project by

Prof. V. P. Bapat
Prof. P.Kumaresan
Sponsored by
TATA Centre

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Design of an Integrated Window System

There are various types of windows that are available in the market. From traditional windows to the highly automised ones. But some things are still the same when windows are installed in a house.

When apartments are built by builders, they sometimes provide grills outside the window for protection purposes and sometimes don’t. Sometimes they install mosquito covers into the window and sometimes they don’t. These are few points the people don’t usually talk about while installing a window but it still plays a very important part of the house.

Some other points that one might not consider during window installations are: cleaning of the outer side of the window, onsite fabrication of it, how easy would it be for maintenance, can it be maintained by the user itself or some special mechanic has to be called in for the maintenance. When windows are opened,they either take up spaces in the outside of the house or occupy spaces in the inside of the house, eating away inside space of the house, where some other things could have been juxtaposed.

A window is a part of a building sold to the user. The user may have to add grills, mosquito nets, curtains, etc and sometimes have to do some makeshift arrangement to add all these things on the window.

A study and an attempt is done to understand these difficulties that a user has to go through while installing a window and also maintaining it and come up with a better window design.