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Project by

Prof. G. G. Ray
Prof. Chakravarthy & Prof. P. Kumaresan

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Drumstick harvesting tool

India is the largest producer of Moringa tree’s pod referred to as Drumsticks in the world. Unfortunately, there are no dedicated drumstick plucking tools available in the market. Farmers are using self made tools made-up of locally available material. These tools are not efficient enough to pluck only mature drumsticks out of bunch. Sometimes, the entire branch of drumsticks gets damaged and breaks along with immature pods causing loss. This loss is approximately 30% of total production.


Also there are some other problems related such as the collection of plucked pods, its market value, transportation and storage of plucker, apart from issues like affordability, physical affliction, etc.


With this project, I have tried to solve all these problems in drumstick plucking activity and tried to make it more efficient, quick and easy task.

  • Manoj Sharma

    Thumbs up!! I believe the tool can be used to pluck other fruits as well.