Access and Transportation

Project by

Prof. Bidyabijaya Bhaumik
Mr. Aseef Kadir

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Multi-Utility Vehicle for Rural India


The challenges faced by the people residing in rural areas are quite different from the challenges of urban cities. Amenities are not served in rural areas door to door, necessities such as water has to be accessed, stored and transported on daily basis by individual households. Local modes of transportation includes cattle-drawn carts, overstuffed rickshaws and makeshift vehicles, which are known locally as jugaads. These vehicles are very unsafe for highways and are major cause of road accidents. The problem was so severe that Rajasthan government had to impose a ban on them.


Field study was done in a remote area of Rajasthan. The life of people residing there was observed to draw insights.

The aim was to design a personal mobility solution for rural India which could assist the villagers in their businesses to make it more profitable, comfortable and safe along with high aesthetic quotient to meet the demand of rural India. The major elements of the design were:

  • Catering to Utility
  • Aspirations of the People

The vehicle was designed while strongly considering the financial constraints of the locals. Hence, the contextual background of the vehicle was based on Tata Nano platform.

A visit to rural part of Rajasthan to take a look into the lives of villagers and understand their requirements
Concept Sketches to meet the Cargo based Requirements
Interior arrangement to expand the available cargo space
Multi-utility setup for expanding the cargo availability inside the footprint of the vehicle
Aesthetic Explorations
Design Render 1
Design Render 2
Design Render 3
Interior of the Vehicle
Interior arrangement to carry elderly or longer cargo requirements
Utility and Interior Space
Vehicle Packaging
Mockup Model