Working and Living India

Project by

Prof P Kumaresan
Prof B.K Chakravarthy

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Design of multipurpose agro-tool kit for 1 acre paddy farming

The project theme was designing for the bottom of the pyramid. The rural areas in India pose an incredible array of design opportunities as it belongs to a part of India whose needs are largely unmet.Despite advances in agro-based technologies, there is a void felt by present day subsistence farmers in terms of an affordable compact universal tool set, which can handle being lugged around in rough terrains.

This project encompasses the empirical design process we followed to, introduce a product that can be used for the process of Harvesting, Threshing and Winnowing of paddy in Subsistence farming.

The main objective being the integration of existing technologies which helps us cater to a sector of the market that buys very low cost products. Using the existing framework of a Harvesting machine we have tried to integrate the same product for the additional purposes of Threshing and Winnowing, keeping in mind safety, affordability and serviceability.


An understanding of the actual activities involved in traditional harvesting was essential.
Trying to understand the lack of space for maneuvering became one of the first understanding from a field visit in Jowhar, Maharashtra.
Harvesting machines already exist, using it as a benchmark we built upon the remaining two frameworks.
Exploration of form and orientation of motor.
Trial of a combined winnowing and threshing machine.
Rural areas practice jugaad which we took as a working principle and used the existing technology for the winnowing machine.
Render of the exploded view of the winnower+thresher attachment.
Combined winnower-thresher mounted on a frame with the same coupling and driving units as that of the winnower.