Health and Well Being

Project by

Prof. Purba Joshi

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Wearable Health Monitoring Device

This project aims at helping the mid-aged earning category in the metros, by predicting the risk factors that occurs due to their life style. Being in a busy city, they have a very busy life style which makes it difficult for them to take care of their health. By having this wearable device, the monitoring of the vital parameters like heartbeat and Spo2 along with their physical activity level will happen involuntarily. This project targets only those people who are in touch with the computer and wireless connectivity , or have a basic idea about the technologies. The wearable device along with the connected smart-phone helps the user to be in the vicinity of their close ones always. The device functions as an involuntary bridge between the user and their closed ones, giving the user a feeling that he or she is not alone.

The project includes selection of concept based on user survey and market study. An in depth study of the forms were done in all possible directions to come up with the form which can accommodate both male and female users.

The project also includes the design of a mobile application to work along with the device. Various visual elements were designed so that the user interaction becomes simple and friendly.

The device monitors major health parameters like Heart Rate, Pulse Oximetry and Physical Activity level of the User.
The final concept is decided after creating lots of form explorations in different angles.
The final concept is designed to be a wrist band kind of device.
The device can be detached from the strap and used independently by the users.
The notification light for various interaction with the users is given the shape of the logo itself . The multi colour led notification is used here to interact with the users in various situations.

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