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This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Bucket seat design for EVO-3.0

As a part of IITB Racing team, I was solely responsible to design a racing seat for “EVO 3.0” which was competing in the Formula Student Championship 2014, Silverstone circuit, U.K.

The objective was to make it extremely lightweight (below 2kg), ergonomic for added comfort during long laps, and secure enough for the driver to handle all the challenges coming his way on the track. The idea was to provide maximum body support to the driver and ensure his natural body posture as well.

The seat mould was iterated and hand crafted in thermocol, till the best possible design was achieved based on driver’s feedback. By promoting the use of carbon fibre for the seat, I managed to cut down on weight by as much as 3.5kg, ensuring that the final seat design weighed only 1.8kg. The design was very much appreciated by the judges, with the race driver declaring it as ‘the best EVO-seat’ till date. This seat has been retained by the team for the next version of the car, EVO 4.0 as well, for the 2015 Formula Student Championship.

Seat positioning in chassis
EVO 3.0 racing car
Thermocol mould
FRP negative mould
Carbon fiber bucket seat from FRP mould
Side profile of seat
front view
featured in next version 'EVO-4.0'