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Prof. Anirudha Joshi
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This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Teaching aid for Primary Multigrade Schools in Rural Context

The project is an attempt to design means for peer learning that will assist children from two different grades to practice together and learn from each other. Final outcome is worksheet based activities for units of measurement for grade 3 and 4.

Multigrade schools are schools where students of several grades study in a single class under single teacher concurrently. The project is my small attempt to find design opportunities to improve formal learning in such schools.
Analysis of rigorous user studies and course content directed me to work towards supporting peer learning. As a final concept, I have tried to merge the learnings of units of measurement across multiple grades (Class III, IV and V). It combines series of worksheet based activities in a meaningful way, providing contextual learning which children can relate to in real life. It develops a story which encourages children for a long term use. It also focuses on holistic learning by cross-connecting mathematics with other subjects and children’s surroundings.

Multigrade schools are those where two or more grade learn under single teacher
Statistics of number of teacher per school
Understanding the scenario by co-teaching
Teacher explaining activity
Students of grade 3 and 4 are engaged in activity
Teacher briefs student about length exercises before leaving for the meeting
Students help each other in the activity sheet
Activities gives enough real world context and practice of real world