Access and Transportation

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Prof. Mandar Rane
Sponsored by
MHRD - Ministry of human resource and development, Government of India.
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This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

MrmApp . Travel application for Mumbai sub-urban rail

Design of a mobile phone application for the Mumbai sub-urban rail network:


Mumbai Rail Map: An extensive journey that started over a year back with two design students dreaming to give the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai a Rail Map has led us this far. Since the first Mumbai Rail Map launch in December 2013, the project has grown due to the perseverance of a motivated team, and the encouragement and feedback from the people of Mumbai.



After getting user feedback on the Mumbai Rail Map Project through the online media and testing done with the commuters at central railway stations – Mumbai CST & Dadar Central, it is observed that at every moment a large number of regular and new commuters requires help for information. Having a detailed version of railway map can serve the need only when it is installed at the right places. To reach out to a large number of fast moving crowds with well-equipped mobile devices, a mobile application could be more efficient and easily accessible as opposed to the traditional printed map.

MrmApp is a step to further assist the commuters with a smoother travelling experience by providing all the required information available at a tap. Download the latest version for iOS and Android.


Schematic map, re-designed for interactive use

  • Jaikishan Patel