Health and Well Being

Project by

Prof. Pramod Khambete

This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

Find My Doctor – Search engine for migrants

A mobile application designed to facilitate search using user preferences, interaction with people for assurance and easy appointments.

For a migrant to an urban settlement deciding a primary healthcare service, is a task heavily influenced by the word-of-mouth effect. It is an important task as it is mostly the first encounter with the healthcare system. The credibility of the word-of-mouth phenomenon being doubtful, decision making is a concern.

Based on the information needs and decision making criteria for healthcare decisions of users, this project tries to aid the first time health seekers reach relevant general practitioners with informed decisions through an information system making advantageous use of the word-of-mouth effect.

Considering a patient centric approach, a mobile application with search and connect features is presented as a solution. It facilitates search using user preferences, provides factual information about the general practitioners that is hidden, allows users to interact with friends and locals for getting assurance and acts as an appointment management tool

Features of the application
Design process followed for conceptualising the application
Screens from the application
Screen from the application