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This project will be exhibited at Design Degree Show 2015, 13th to 17th June.

“Googli Jhanak Jaayein” Theatre play

“Googli Jhanak Jhaayein” is a play directed by Salim Arif, adapted from a short story ‘Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne’ by Upendra Kishore Roychowdhury, and written for the stage by Gulzar. The play was a part of the Summer kids’ festival at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai’s most prestigious stage. We were assigned the task of designing props and costumes that would make the kids awestruck. Since the play was based on adventures in a magical world, it gave great scope for designing. We created a number of masks that glowed in UV light along with designing set components, props and costumes aligned with the fantasy genre of the play.

The play was performed at Prithvi Theatre Mumbai on 14th and 15th June 2014. The UV light sequence, especially, was well received by the audience.

Fluorescent effect in UV lights
making of the mask
Different Masks
Different Masks
costume design for the charecters
pizza box
window prop
moon cycle
boat prop
Papier mache as mask base
Painting the mask
Different masks
Fluorescent effect in UV lights