M.Des/Year 2

Churul Chronicles

Churul Chronicles

Prof. Sudesh Balan

Churul Chronicles is a captivating graphic novel that explores the journey of self-acceptance through the lens of a girl and her hair. In a time when curly hair was not widely appreciated or considered "pretty" enough by societal standards, those with curls faced apprehension. This novel intertwines stories of ridicule, unsolicited advice promoting hair straightening, and failed attempts at achieving the ideal of "beautiful" hair set by society. The narrative revolves around two key characters: the girl and her hair. As the girl reaches puberty, her hair undergoes a transformation from society-approved "beautiful" hair to untamed, wild curls. The rest of the story unfolds as they embark on a joint quest to find peace with this change in nature. Visually, the novel employs a grid structure, with the girl confined within the boundaries of the frames while her hair roams freely, symbolizing their distinct personalities, experiences, and growth. Through this visual narrative, Churul Chronicles beautifully captures the journey towards self-acceptance and celebrates the uniqueness of curly hair.

Project Title 2

'Embakkam': A children’s book

Prof. Prasad Bokil

"Embakkam" refers to the act of burping in the Malayalam language. This project aims to creatively explore the conversion of sounds into exaggerated visuals, using metaphorical elements to add a sense of amusement. Set within a traditional Malayali household, "Embakkam" revolves around a young child's experience during a family dinner. As the meal concludes, each family member unleashes a peculiar burp, mimicking the sounds of various animals or vehicles. From the child's perspective, the project unfolds through a visual narrative, showcasing the imaginative and whimsical nature of these burping sounds. Through this playful exploration, "Embakkam" seeks to engage viewers and evoke a sense of joy by transforming ordinary bodily sounds into visually striking representations.