Design & Degree Showcase 23

Harmony in Diversity

The Design Degree Show by IDC School of Design is an eagerly anticipated event that celebrates the remarkable achievements of our graduating students as they present their projects. Explore ideas, thought-provoking concepts, and impactful solutions that our students have crafted during their journey at IDC.

This year, the D.D.S (Design Degree Show) embraces the theme of "Diversity, Unity, and Harmony" as the IDC (Industrial Design Centre) family wholeheartedly believes in recognising and celebrating the distinct perspectives held by each learner. We are committed to fostering a nurturing environment where every individual's voice is respected, allowing it to thrive and contribute to the harmonious atmosphere we seek amidst our differences. By blending the keywords of diversity, unity, and harmony, we aim to showcase the inclusive and collaborative spirit that permeates our community at IDC.