T Harold Alan

B.Des/Year 4

A Nexus in Time

A Nexus in Time

Prof. Jayesh Pillai

A Nexus in Time' is a realistic 3D experience in which the player controls Aryan Souza, who wakes up fifty years into the future in a body that is not his own. The overarching aim for the player is to figure out the reason behind Aryan's sudden plunge into the future.

As the player interacts with the objects in the environment, they are provided with information about the objects and their significance to the situation through Aryan's thoughts, which serve as the primary means of information for the player.

The experience utilizes simple point-and-click interactions to guide the player, as it is more story-based than gameplay-oriented.

Redesigning the Academics Section of ASC for Students

Redesigning the Academics Section of ASC for Students

Prof. Anirudha Joshi

The project is my attempt to make ASC more accessible and user-friendly for students. In the initial stage of the project, I examined the different ASC websites and features to gain a better understanding of its scope.

Drawing from my own experiences with the website, I also engaged in conversations with various students to learn about their experiences with ASC. This allowed me to gather valuable insights.

Next, I created various scenarios that depicted how students typically navigate through ASC to accomplish different tasks. Finally, I attempted to simplify these scenarios in order to enhance the usability of the various features.