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DDS 2018 brings together renown design practitioners and thinkers at one platform to showcase socially responsible design and discuss the role of design and design innovation in society today. The conferences are aimed at promoting design thinking to foster an understanding of good design and its relevance to society and industry today. It aims to bridge the divide between industry, academia and society by offering a platform for discussion, exchange of ideas and collaboration.

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Industrial Design

The Industrial design programme concentrates on developing skills, knowledge, and attitude among students to help them become creative problem solvers who can effectively and strategically use different design processes and methods. The students learn to correlate technical and ergonomic functions of a product with real human needs. They develop their innovative and aesthetic sensibilities to make a coherent and appropriate product. The students are encouraged to solve socially relevant problems.


Communication Design

This programme envisages developing graduates with better maturity in handling communication design problems, a deeper understanding of aesthetic aspects, and generating methods and processes for solving communication problems. The emphasis is on becoming a creative problem solver who can effectively use various design methods. The course is at an advance level to create communication designers with greater analytical and problem solving capabilities.


Animation Design

The Animation program at IDC strives to create designers who will eventually emerge as leaders to influence the future of Animation. IDC expects the students to assume direct responsibility for nearly all aspects of the film-making process — from concept to drawing, shooting, camera etc. India will soon be a player in the international framework of animation production. This turning point brings with it huge responsibilities.


Interaction Design

The Interaction Design program at IDC strives to create designers who will eventually emerge as leaders to influence the future of interaction design. It creates graduates with good analytical abilities, skilled with specific techniques, creative in their solutions, sensitive in their approach, and knowledgeable about current developments by using new emerging technologies and exploring new media.


Mobility and Vehicle Design

This programme envisages developing graduates with skill and knowledge, which makes them competent designers for the automotive industry in India. Studies include the understanding and identification of the transportation and mobility issue facing the country along with developments in other countries and finding creative solutions. The course covers a broad spectrum from personal to mass transportation. Lectures are supported by hands-on exercises and projects.


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