Pratik Dugane



Photographs serve as a nostalgic gateway to the past, encapsulating cherished memories within their frames. They possess the power to convey profound stories in a single snapshot. Frozen on paper, photographs evoke a myriad of emotions, triggering vivid recollections of the people, places, sensations, and experiences they capture. This film revolves around the captivating world of these evocative photographs and their ability to transport us through time. It was officially selected for 17th Animart Film festival 2023 and LIFT-Off Global Network Sessions competition 2023.

Animated Short film on Possesiveness

This movie explores the concept of object attachment, where individuals develop emotional bonds with inanimate objects and experience a sense of loss upon separation. It delves into the innate human nature of valuing possessions and forming sentimental connections, while emphasizing the importance of prioritizing relationships with people. The project aims to highlight the happiness derived from object attachment and its impact.