Design and Degree Show

DDS 2019 is a showcase of the Design Projects that are a synergetic output of human-centered thinking, critical problem solving, deeper aesthetic understanding and foresight, inculcated and added up in the design arsenal of the graduating students of the 2019 batch of Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay.






The Animation program at IDC strives to create designers who possess highly polished skills and assume direct responsibility for the broad range of aspects of the film-making process — from concept to drawing, shooting, editing etc. With the overarching exposure and acquired excellence, we strive to emerge as leaders influencing the future of Animation.


The Communication Design programme at IDC envisages designing content to meet the unmet communication needs of the Indian society. With a maturity in analysing and handling the Indian social scenario and a deep understanding of aesthetics, we generate content and systems to shape and modify communication to serve society.


Industrial design program offers students pursuit of extraordinary design & making skills with the knowledge, theories and methods that are essential for identifying new design opportunities, creative problem solving and transforming ideas into products and services which can change lives.


The Interaction Design program at IDC strives to create valuable human experiences using emerging digital technologies and exploring new media. Projects leverage interactive media with cutting edge IT capabilities and prototyping technologies. We strive to create impactful solutions in India’s needs in cultural, educational, healthcare and many other domains.


The Mobility and Vehicle Design programme at IDC was started in 2010. The programme is built to develop graduates with the skills and knowledge that make them competent designers for the automotive industry in India. Studies cover the understanding and identification of mobility issues facing a developing country.

Young Minds

The Bachelor’s of Design is IDC’s newest program that takes fresh students through a four year exploration of the field. Starting with the fundamentals of design, students are free to choose courses from the wide range of specialisations running at IDC and the institute. This multi-disciplinary approach equips students to address problems in a holistic manner.


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