Name: Pooja Bhuvanesh Kulkarni

Guide: Prof. Purba Joshi, Prof. V. P. Bapat, Prof. Milind Atrey

Course: Industrial Design

Device for Cryoablation of tumors in soft tissue

Cryotherapy for breast cancer is being explored extensively. Cryosurgery is a surgical cancer cure treatment that subjects the cancer cells to temperatures below -50ºC rapidly, ensuring cell death.

Abdul Mateen A. G. Shaikh, Prof. Atul Shrivastava and Prof. Milind Atrey have designed a liquid nitrogen cryoprobe and tested it for ice ball formation. The project aims to design an ergonomic probe for cryosurgery for breast cancer based on this design, which will reduce the damage caused to the healthy tissue and also propose a system for the same. An operative process that requires less time compared to the current operative processes, and is minimally invasive has also been proposed.