Name: Nishith Parikh

Guide: Prof. Vijay Bapat

Course: Industrial Design

Credits: Million SoUL, IIT Bombay

Solar study lamp for rural India.

This project, sponsored by Million SoUL, IIT Bombay aims to provide an affordable lighting solution for children in rural India. Apart from being an effective study lamp, it is designed such that it can quickly, easily and efficiently adapt to other use conditions like washing clothes, taking a bath, walking down a dark road etc. Less number of parts make it tough and sturdy while enabling easy manufacturability, assembly and, service.

The design process involved visiting villages with poor or no electrical connectivity, understanding their way of life and empathising towards their daily challenges. Continuous validation at all ends ensured that the design aligned towards  the requirements of users and manufacturers alike. A 3D printed working prototype was presented to tender bidders and delegates from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy  at Noida, New Delhi.

Injection moulding is one of the most accurate and economical mass manufacturing processes. The parts are designed such that they can be made by using the most basic injection moulding process. Moreover, the design is such that entire lamp including the stand, enclosure and electrical components are securely held in place by using just two screws. This not only makes it easy to assemble, but also reduces costs significantly.

The lamp can quickly adapt, easily and efficiently adapt to multiple use conditions. This makes it versatile to be used not only in different positions of study but also in the other day to day tasks like cooking, bathing, walking and much more.