Name: Devanshi Saksena

Guide: Prof BK Chakravarthy

Co-Guide: Dr Hemendra Arya

Course: Industrial Design

Credits: DIC (Collaborator)

Water Filter Bottle for CRPF Jawans

CRPF jawans  have to travel 30-40 km on foot everyday on their missions in remote areas where potable water is not easily available. In addition to food and water, the Jawans have to carry bullet proof jackets, weapons, ammunitions and rucksacks. They carry 2 litre of potable water in Coca Cola bottles which lasts for 1 to 2 days. Sometimes, jawans have to move out of their designated path or to go to inhabited areas just to get potable water. This project is aimed at designing a pump based water filter bottle for CRPF jawans which is lightweight, durable, soundproof, easy to carry, use, maintain and has a capacity of storing 1 to 2 litres of water.

The present water filter bottle has been designed by incorporating the desirable features of the products available in the market.

Life of CRPF Jawans is very difficult. For their mission, they have to carry 25 kg of items in a backpack and travel for 30-40 km. Everywhere they go, they find contaminated water and they have no filtration system. They would use handkerchief and chlorine tablets which is not enough to remove bacterias and viruses in water completely. All of them keep water in Coca Cola bottles.

The objective was to provide a potable water and design a 1-2 L water bottle which has integrated pump, attached filter, is easy to carry and maintain and most importantly, should be soundproof. I did ideations, working rig, concept generations, task analysis, and anthropometric study. In the end, a detailed concept was developed into a prototype. I have interacted with CRPF Jawans for their feedback and suggestions of the prototype.

Final Product