Name: Aswin S

Guide: Prof. Chakravarthy

Course: Industrial Design

Redesign of commercial vegetable processor

Vegetable processing in commercial kitchens is carried out with the help of machines with a wide range of processing functions and they require extreme durability along with high productivity and performance. Most of the existing products manufactured industrially are an imitation of their international counterparts and exhibits various design flaws. As an Industrial designer, the purpose of redesign is to introduce new and competing products to the current scenario, by optimising the existing design. The final concept addresses the usability, ergonomics and productivity issues considering a set of functional and manufacturing constraints.

Development of design methodology was initiated by studying the existing product in detail. It was required to know what all were the requirements to design a new product. Study of existing product help to understand the different functions in the product. This will help to develop the function structure for the new product which will help in developing the different organisations possible and a new configuration was chosen based on validation of the design basis.

An instruction manual given on the kit box, showing the assemble of materials to get an outcome – a sanitary pad case. Assembly of the materials involves only some stitching, pasting and riveting.