Name: Arun Shah

Guide: Prof. B K Chakravarthy

Course: Industrial Design

Portable Patient Chair for Dental Camps

Dental camps are medical camps organised by dentists for diagnosis and treatment at rural as well as urban areas. The chair will be a very useful accessory for a dental camp, also can be used in medical camps. It’s been designed to meet  Dentist’s needs at camps, first of which is Foldable chair, with adjustable backrest. Second, ease in assembling and transporting the chair. The chair should be sturdy and durable and should be maintenance free. Ease in cleaning and keeping the chair easily hygienic is another concern. As it is done usually, it is easier to transport the chairs in the dental van itself. For this concern, The chair is light in weight and it occupies less area when folded The chair supports sitting dentistry; the dentist will be able to sit and work comfortably about the chair.

The requirements of the users(dentists) were listed and prioritized on the basis of user studies and research. The explorations were done based on individual features of the product as well as the modes of operation of the chair.

A selected concept was tested my making a full scale working rig. An activity analysis was conducted so as to study the limitations of the design. The required modifications were implemented in the final design.

Final design, working model (Scaled 1:2 )